Your go-to guide to our stallholders

A bulgogi beef ssam plate surrounded by small side bowls of garlic, kimchi and more
Smoky, flavour packed Korean barbeque with all the trimmings
Grappa poured into a small glass, sitting next to two wine bottles
From a boutique urban winery, Domaine Dawnelle crafts very limited vintages using exclusively traditional methods
A bunch of woodfired oysters grilling on a hibachi with flames in the background
Oysters roasted over fire with saffron or black garlic infused butter
A woodfired flatbread with a topping of meat, onion, sour cream and parsley
Scarf a flatbread straight from the wood fire
A whole squid on the grill topped with sesame seeds
Chargrilled squid on sticks—very popular for a very, very good reason
A bottle of wine being poured but missing the glass
Wines of passion and place—second generation winemakers taking a regional pioneer to the next level
Stir-fried noodles in a takeaway box with chopsticks and some dumplings on the side
Traditional Chinese cuisine highlighting the best Tasmanian produce.
A black seafood paella and a vegetable paella sit asymmetrically in the image in large dishes, with a small bowl of parsley next to them
Fragrant Spanish paella, handcrafted the traditional way with saffron and tomato passata
Three big smores overflowing with marshmallow sit atop a wooden log
Sticky-sweet marshmallows and chocolate toasted to gooey perfection and sandwiched between biscuits for ease of consumption
A feast of roast chicken, corn, patatas bravas and wine on a dark backdrop
A vibrant range of Spanish and Basque dishes to warm even the coldest of nights
Dozens of donuts lie face up with jam and other fillings on display
Exquisite hand-rolled sourdough donuts bursting with decadent fillings
A bottle and glass of absinthe with a hand reaching in
The holy trinity of wormwood, fennel seed, and aniseed, with an added twist of native lemon myrtle to mellow the spirit
A bowl of three sea urchin dumplings sitting in dipping sauce, sprinkled with spring onion
Melt in your mouth dumplings made from hand harvested Tasmanian sea urchins
A sledgehammer smashing a can of Moo Brew against a dark background. Foam sprays and oozes everywhere.
Moreish lagers, hearty ales, and a deep commitment to the dark arts
A bottle of sparkling wine pouring into an overflowing coupe glass
Sumptuous wines that capture the unique terroir of the Coal Valley
Someone shucking angasi oysters on a linen tablecloth
Local taralangkana (angasi oysters) with accompaniments that showcase native Tasmanian ingredients
Two cans of Plenty Cider balance atop each other, overflowing with foam
Ciders from Tasmania’s pristine Derwent Valley, produced with the best fruits from the area
A hand pouring a glass of syrah next to five bottles of wine and candles
Three-time consecutive Young Gun of Wine finalist Greer Carland
Three nigiri sushi sit on a mirror
Japanese bites from fresh, local seafood
A glass and three bottles of cider sit against an apple crate
Minimal-intervention, orchard-to-bottle ciders and wines
A bottle and glass of Small Island Wines at Winter Feast
Reigning from Tasman Peninsula and Tamar Valley, Small Island Wines present selected drops from their new range
A glass of red wine being poured on a mirrored surface.
Get some big and bold flavours into your guts, courtesy of one of the most intuitive and talented winemakers on the Apple Isle
Three bottles and a glass of cider sitting on an apple crate
Nestled in the heart of the Huon Valley, Willie's fourth-generation farmers produce some of the best ciders in the country from their very own apples
Red wine being poured onto an upside-down glass, creating a pool of wine on the table
Hailing from the luscious Coal River Valley, these vibrant terroir wines showcase the best of Tassie’s cool climate