Dark Park

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Car Park turns Dark Park. This vast industrial space is home to major art works, food and libations.


This venue is mostly level, with concrete, bitumen and loose gravel surfaces. The ground can be rough and uneven in places, and outside lighting is minimal. We encourage all visitors to take care moving around. All buildings have level or ramp access. Accessible toilets are available on-site.

Quiet area + assistance animal rest area

The quiet area and assistance animal rest area are located next to first aid—near the food trucks and bars. The quiet area is a small cabin fitted out with beanbags, low lighting and a tactile surface experience. This is an alcohol free zone. Dark Park staff will be checking on it regularly. The assistance animal rest area is next to the quiet area. It is an artificial turf space with a water bowl, garbage bin and some seating.

Box Office Hours

Thu 8 – Sun 11, 4-10pm
Wed 14 – Sun 18, 4-10pm

What's On