Night Mass: Exstasia Ⅴ

An abstract layered image of people and buildings, tinted with a red and orange hue.

The end is where we start from.
―T.S. Eliot

Last rites. Into oblivion.

This show is sold out, but resale tickets might be available. Check back here or on resales often.

Sat 17 June


Doors 10pm [18+]

District X

$109 + BF

Sold Out

Sold Out
Winternationale performing guitar and percussion, behind them a pattern wallpapered wall.

Aussie post-punk duo, rooted in the advancement of an experimental approach.

Vv Pete getting out of their convertible car, there is a masked person in the background.

Explosive rap hooks and a razor sharp flow over heavy club beats.

Members of VACUUM standing in the corner of a tiled room, a red light washes over the scene.

Diegetic samples and disturbing frequencies riff on nature’s cyclicity, resulting in a disquieting yet danceable outcome.

Trophie poses with their black hair flying across their face, large shards of glass fly around them.

Step into Trophie’s world of sleek experimental pop, tinged with futuristic instrumentation and industrial club aesthetics.

A silhouetted guitar player foregrounds a balaclava wearing person performing with a microphone.

Songs of chaos, of lacerating poetry, and profound release from this anarchic trio.

Sveta looks to their side wearing an unbuttoned orange and red jacket.

This expansive DJ reads her audience and plays accordingly, drawing from her giant library of classic, current and emerging sounds.

Stev Zar performing on stage, their body shrouded in shadow.

Playful sets that transcend genre, weave worlds, and inspire body euphoria.

Sote & Tarik Barri standing together.

The two composers collaborate on an audiovisual show of rich textures, embodied in the diversity of hardcore club sounds and experimental electronics.

SMB8 standing in front of a grey brick wall.

Queer techno beats summon the essence of 90s rave, blurring the edges with electro, house, and trance.

Simona Castricum crouches down, wearing a long black shawl, glasses and lipstick.

Manifestations of underground dance’s dark lineage. Creating space for shared catharsis and brutal confrontation.

Pelada performs on stage, a crowd of people surround the DJ setup.

Punk and deep house collide into a singular abrasive force.

Our Carlson leans over forward, reaching down to a field of grass and yellow flowers.

Acerbic musings on living with epilepsy, depression and anxiety over dizzying rave breaks.

ONYX sits on a wooden chair, several large leafy indoor plants surround them.

Thumping, erotic beats traversing between roof-raising house and garage, industrial breaks, and deep rave.

Nooriyah posing wearing a yellow top and big blue earrings.

Upbeat mixes to cater for your every mood, infused with Middle Eastern and North African sounds.

Nefertiti LaNegra wearing a silver dress and big white wig, singing into a microphone.

The reigning bearded muscle queen emerges from the Meanjin/Melbourne drag underground.

Moktar crouched on the ground at a beach.

Club and techno sounds fuse with traditional Arabic instrumentation to form Moktar’s signature sound.

Morphlink surrounded by several brightly coloured flowers.

Exploration, healing, and self-discovery in songs that tingle your cells.

Mobiletti Giradischi performs on a Pioneer DJ deck, two large bottles sit on the table.

Selector of the rare or forgotten, delving deep down into the record bag to feed up an eclectic flow of analogue tunes.

Liquid Nails guitarists performing on-stage bathed in red and purple light.

Traverse the overdriven guitar riffage of these noisy antipodean misanthropes.

Lips Service looking down wearing glasses and DJ headphones.

Go on a rapturous journey of blissful movement with bright house and punchy techno.

Kangding Ray crosses their arms, behind them are several green lines.

Sharp electronic music production, always with emphasis on the avant-garde—from dystopian techno to chilling post-industrial.

JLaw performing on a set of DJ decks, smoke fills the room with red and green lighting up the scene.

Resident DJ for the CLOSET party in Melbourne, bringing you techno, house, and queer, camp bangers.

Jacqui Cunningham side profile shot, lit by green lights.

Silky disco and the purest of house and techno to summon any dance floor.

Fabian B hides behind a semi-opaque curtain.

Nipaluna’s queer club uncle, curating funk-driven rave caves wherever he goes.

Estée Louder holds two ends of a belt tied around their neck.

This DJ dwells in the dark corners of techno, electro and the various waves.

Dhairya wearing a denim jacket and glasses, with headphones around their neck.

Sink into this progressive DJ’s lush melodies and intricate rhythms.

A person stands in a long white gown in ankle deep water, with a person sitting on each side of them.

Feel the communal healing qualities of music in cascading vocals and gospelesque instrumentation.

Three scantily clad people pole-dancing.

Australia’s first LGBTQIA+ pole dance collective explores themes of power, ecstasy and transformation through the lens of marginalised bodies, sexuality and human desire.

CaucasianOpportunities wearing a hooded puffer jacket.

Extremely uncivilised cross-genre mixes, blending techno, hardstyle and club cuts.

Buzz Kull performing with a microphone, their hair floating above them as they move their head.

Nauseating synth lines and pounding drum machines conjure up a desolate void.

An overlayed image of Brixx.

A dizzying electro soundtrack underpinned by darkness, sexuality and cult cinema.

Big Wett wearing sunglasses, tongue out and middle-fingers up.

Self-proclaimed songs for the sexually promiscuous. Get in there.

Axon Breeze in a heavily edited psychedelic style image.

Giving grindcore on the dance floor, this fierce metal two piece taps into the musical craft of Eastern Java.

Arunya Lee Olive wearing a black leather jacket, in the motion of popping their collar.

A Nipaluna/Hobart staple selector—playing deep and hypnotic sounds of the underground.

A close-up of a hand playing a Bentley piano. Three tarot-like cards sit on the music sheet sill.

Receive a sonic reading of your past, present and future from some of Tasmania’s finest performers, in this melodic twist on the ancient art of tarot.

Aqueerius lies in their bathtub, arms hung over the edge.

A constellation of intoxicating percussion, house melodies, garage, and techno to conjure up unearthly levels of joy.