Night Mass: Exstasia Ⅰ

An abstract layered image of people and buildings, tinted with a red and orange hue.

Welcome savages. Enter the realm of District X—where the sensory, sensual and surreal collide into a state of rapture.

Fri 9 June


Doors 10pm [18+]

District X

$99 + BF

ZCluster performs into a microphone, a rope stretches between their hands.

Dark, emotionally charged siren songs, forged from industrial electronics and seductive vocals.

Members of Violent Magic Orchestra standing side by side in a line.

Expansive black metal guitars, glitchy textures and brain-melting percussion bleeds into glorious industrial techno.

Varg2 TM poses with their hair branded into a star shape crossing in front of their face

A hypnotic palette of EDM and industrial techno, teetering between beauty and chaos.

TMcGee wearing headphones, with their tongue protruding from their mouth.

A classic disco and house music enthusiast cultivating euphoric dance floor moments.

The Huxleys wearing sparkling red outfits sitting on a brown couch.

A visual spectacle of sparkle, surrealism, and androgynous freedom.

A blurred black and white image of SOVBLKPSSY wearing a hoodie and bucket hat.

This Ngarrindjeri and Ramindjeri multi-instrumentalist, producer, and DJ blends global club music with her own tastes to create an experience of immersion.

Real Lies holding up a cloth sign that reads "I felt like I was part of something"

This electronic act pumps out a relentlessly propulsive club-ready set. Hedonism encouraged.

OKENYO performs with a microphone in hand.

Sydney's musical chameleon, crafting boundary-pushing hip hop and R&B with poignancy and flair.

Morphlink surrounded by several brightly coloured flowers.

Exploration, healing, and self-discovery in songs that tingle your cells.

Mobiletti Giradischi performs on a Pioneer DJ deck, two large bottles sit on the table.

Selector of the rare or forgotten, delving deep down into the record bag to feed up an eclectic flow of analogue tunes.

Marie Davidson sits on an outdoor sports field.

Purveyor of dark and introspective club beats with a humorous edge.

Makeda lying down on the ground, their hand supporting their head.

Lucid, texture driven electronic music, with influences of post-punk, experimental and pop.

Mahne Frame leans in through the window of a vehicle, several sticker are visible in the interior.

Songs of cynicism and ambiguity dragged over a sharp backbone of icy rave beats.

Laurel Halo poses in a white long sleeve shirt with arms crossed.

Laurel Halo (DJ Set)

Laurel Halo applies a careful blend of pressure, decay and nuanced emotion to the electronic dimension.

Members of Kinder standing next to each other, lit up by purple and blue lighting.

This sister act will send you into an euphoric frenzy, with club heaters designed to get you dancing.

Goth Cum drinks a pint of beer.

A devotee of disco hooks, hearty Italo and 90's house, Goth Cum is Hobart's pre-eminent problem.

Dhairya wearing a denim jacket and glasses, with headphones around their neck.

Sink into this progressive DJ’s lush melodies and intricate rhythms.

Debby Friday stands outside at night-time, their reflective white bikini and coat bright white from the camera's flash.

Few do it like Debby—unabashedly cocksure industrial pop bangers with merciless intensity.

Guitar player from Dane Blacklock & The Preacher's Daughter performing shirt-less onstage.

Resplendent with horns (both worn and blown), surrender your senses to this satanic gospel experience—replete with elements of doom folk and putrid blues.

dameeeela with their hands on their cheeks, tounge slightly poking out.

DJ, producer and Yuggera woman spinning high energy sounds—from hip hop to acid to the classics and back again.

A highly grainy image of brown sugar.

Weave between ambient textures of downtempo sound, spacey house and the ravey end of the techno spectrum.

Bambii sits on the ground, leaning into a red car with it's door open.

One of Canada’s most compelling DJs, giving credence to dance music’s ever expanding reach.

Ayebatonye performs on a large DJ setup.

Divinely guided sounds of different worlds—of a liberated spirit and connection to community.

Aya Gloomy stands against an orange tiled wall, hands up to their lips in a prayer position.

Pure, unfiltered bedroom electropop from suburban Tokyo.

A close-up of a hand playing a Bentley piano. Three tarot-like cards sit on the music sheet sill.

Receive a sonic reading of your past, present and future from some of Tasmania’s finest performers, in this melodic twist on the ancient art of tarot.