Tisna Sanjaya


Leading figure of the Indonesian contemporary experimental art scene and representative for the 50th Venice Biennale, Tisna’s work has continued to frame anarchic visions for over three decades.

Greed/ Rakus/ Gierig: Install­ation 

Forming from the residue of the performances, a growing collection of Tisna’s large-scale works will appear at CAT throughout the duration of the festival.

From June 21, this exhibition will be open Wednesday–Saturday until July 1.

Fri 9 - Sun 11 June


Contemporary Art Tasmania

Wed 14 - Sun 18 June


Contemporary Art Tasmania


Greed/ Rakus/ Gierig: Perfor­mance 

Tisna’s latest vision sees a collective of Sundanese artists, instrument builders and alchemists engage in ritual practices based on the celebration carnival, ‘Jajampanan’. Follow a sprawling parade of reimagined traditions to a series of performance ceremonies that tell a different story each night, honouring communal activism in rejection of greed.

Greed/ Rakus/ Gierig 

Exploring the concept of greed, celebrated Indonesian artist Tisna Sanjaya presents a chaotic processional performance and exhibition.

    Dark Park 

    It's playtime.

    Opening Hours
    Thursday 8–Sunday 11 June, 5–10pm
    Wednesday 14–Sunday 18 June, 5–10pm