Laurel Halo

United States of America

Border­lands Ⅰ 

Two masters of atmosphere, tension, and ecstasy in electronic composition.

Sun 11 June


Doors 3pm


$69 + BF


Alex Podger’s latest filthy vision sees an absurd, wild labyrinthine nightclub turned bacchanalian cesspit, with late-night DJs and underground bands. Let your hair down on the public holiday eve, and revel in all things weird, erotic and dark.

Sun 11 June


Doors 9pm [18+]



Door Sales

Night Mass: Exstasia 

But I don't want comfort.
I want God, I want poetry, I want real danger,
I want freedom, I want goodness.
I want sin.
―Aldous Huxley, Brave New World

The night has a thousand eyes. Art, music, performance, cocktail lounges, punk theatre, cinema cabarets, clubs and junkyard raves—inside a sprawling metropolis.

Stage one lineup out now. More surprises to come.


    Experimental sounds curated by Lawrence English / Room40.