Sticks ’N’ Grill + Soufra

Sticks ’N’ Grill + Soufra

Winter Feast
15–17, 21–24 June

Juicy smoked ribs: Cape Grim beef (with cornbread and slaw) and lamb (with grilled chat potatoes and slaw). Annatto chicken skewers, too, and scrumptious soufra for dessert: Persian baked custard, filo pastry and caramelised cinnamon sugar with vanilla bean ice cream and chai tea-infused stewed winter fruit.

Seven-night ticket with priority entry
$50 + booking fee
Under 16s free with registration

Friday 15 + Saturday 16 June, 4–11pm, $10
Sunday 17 + Thursday 21 June, 4–10pm, $10
Friday 22 + Saturday 23 June, 4–11pm, $20
Sunday 24 June, 4–10pm, free

Free after 8pm nightly, and for under 16s accompanied by a parent or guardian