7K Distillery

7K Distillery

Winter Feast
15–17, 21–24 June

It’s the 7K crew’s first time at the Winter Feast and they’re bringing an ice luge with them (made by Adam Turner from the Antarctic Ice Company). Treat yourself to an Aqua Vitae Modern Gin (fresh, fruity and floral with imperial mandarin, lemon myrtle, strawberry eucalyptus, wild fennel and Serbian juniper) or splash out with the invigorating Amante Spiritus (a blushing concoction of anise botanicals and local elderberries).

Seven-night ticket with priority entry
$50 + booking fee
Under 16s free with registration

Friday 15 + Saturday 16 June, 4–11pm, $10
Sunday 17 + Thursday 21 June, 4–10pm, $10
Friday 22 + Saturday 23 June, 4–11pm, $20
Sunday 24 June, 4–10pm, free

Free after 8pm nightly, and for under 16s accompanied by a parent or guardian